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Buyer Submits Buying Request

Option 1 - Search
Search from among 10 million products.
Option 2 - Post a Buying Request
Take just 3 minutes to fill out a Buying Request and we will match you with as many as selected manufacturers in 48 hours.

Customized Sourcing offers the following:

  1. Verified manufacturers: Genuine and complaint-free manufacturers verified by KakaPart.com
  2. Prompt Service: Receive quotes from manufacturers in as few as 48 hours
  3. Simple & Easy: Use 3 minutes to fill out a Buying Request and get up to 10 quotes

KakaPart.com Matches Manufacturers

Our advanced search function will help you find the right products quickly and easily. There will be a professional purchase assistant for you, help to match the exact manufacturers based on your requirements.

Manufacturers Submit Quotes

For effective purchase, please kindly tell the quantity needed and other requirements. Our qualified manufacturers will submit quotation once receiving the sufficient details.

KakaPart.com Pre-screen Quotes

KakaPart helps to find manufacturers and collect quotations from different sellers, and select quotes of high quality, competitive price for you.

Buyer works towards a deal

Each step of the trading process is under control to ensure the trading process safer. Start from understanding purchase demand, end with after-sale service. Meanwhile, you should reach the final agreement with the manufacturer directly.